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Embedding a discovery process into your website using a self registration link

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017 01:01PM EDT
Adding a questionnaire link to your website is a powerful way to show your employees and clients that you and your business are behaviorally smart. This process is is suitable for users of Communication DNA, Financial DNA Natural Behavior and Business DNA Natural Behavior. Additionally, this process is ideal and recommended for subscription users as your participants will be setting their own unique password in this process which they more likely to remember for future use.

See 3 examples by clicking here

Copy your link: 
Follow these steps to locate and copy your self-registration link in your DNA Behavior account. 
  1. First, Log in
  2. Next, Click on the Groups tab. Select the group you want your clients to be saved in.
  3. Finally, choose the option “Copy Link” next to the field called “Your Group Self-Registration Link”. If you do not see this, you don’t have a self-registration link set up. See this article to set up a self-registration link.
Creating your button:
In your website editor paste the below HTML code: 
<input type=button onClick="'paste self registration link here')" value='Insert text for button here' >

'Paste self registration link here' = your self registration link copied from the above step
'Insert text for button here' = the desired text you wish to have on your button.

Using an image on your website:
Additionally, if you wish to have images that are linked to your self registration link, sample images are located below. To download a sample image, right click on the image and choose the option "save image".
<a href="paste self registration link here">
<img border="0" alt="DNA Discovery" src="logo file" width="100" height="100">

"Paste self registration link here" = your self registration link copied from the above step
"logo file" = the name of the logo file once downloaded from the downloaded from the below files and loaded onto your web server. 
"Width" =the width of your image
"Height" = the height of your image

Financial DNA:

Communication DNA:

Business DNA:

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