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View and analyze group transaction history

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 02:18PM EDT
Transaction history is available which provides specific transaction logs for credits, reports, and participants. 

Each credit group in the admin system contains it's own transaction log. To generate a log file, complete the following steps. 
  1. Click on the Groups tab
  2. Select the group you wish to view transactions for
  3. Select the Quick Links option called "View Transactions"
  4. Select the date range of the transactions or simply press Export (to generate a report including all historical data). 
To interpret data inside the transaction log, basic keywords are used as descriptors for events, below is a list of words and their meanings:
  • Transaction Date - Date and time of transaction. This is in United States Mountain Time. 
  • Starting Credit Value - The starting value before the transaction listed on the row occurred. Please note, the starting credit value will always equal the Available balance seen on the transaction prior to it. 
  • Transaction Detail - Who, What, and Where of the transaction. 
  • Credit ID - ID related to the specific discovery process scheduled. Note: Discovery Credit ID's for clients can be located on a client's detail page and by clicking on the green link "View and Edit Report Access". Each discovery process has its own unique Credit ID which is used for billing purposes. 
  • Reports purchased: The reports that have been purchased to date (at the time that the transaction log was produced. Note, this is not the reports included in the particular transaction being listed. 
  • Value of Transaction - the total value of the transaction. 
  • Available Balance- The balance of credits available at the end of the transaction. 
  • Scheduled - The process of creating a new discovery process or allocating new reports for a participant. 
  • Unscheduling - The process of returning unused discovery processes and reports. When discovery processes are unscheduled the total value of credits allocated to a user is refunded.

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