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Quick Links descriptions for Clients and Groups

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 09:39AM EDT
Quick links are available on various pages of the site to help you navigate different features. Below is a list of quick links and where they can be found in the Platform: 

Quick links available on all pages:
  • Create New Client and Create New Group are the default links- available on every page of the system.
Client detail page quick Links:
  • Edit Client - allows you to edit the name, email address, Default language, and user type.
  • Move Client - move a client from one group to another.
  • Export Client - export your contact data into a comma delimited text(.csv) file.
  • Reset password - reset an existing users’ password. This feature can be used for any clients (regardless of their discovery process status). When user’s passwords are reset, they receive an email with the following default text: 
  • Delete Client - delete clients that have no discovery processes scheduled.
  • Behavioral IPS Input - Input data for the Behavioral IPS process. 
  • Create new Leadership 360- Input data to create a new Leadership 360 assessment.
  • Resend Invitation - resends an invite email to a client. 
  • Export log in history- .csv export of all of the user's log in history including their browser type and details about their connection for troubleshooting.
Group detail page quick links:
  • View All Clients in Group – where you can view all group members.
  • Edit Group – you can edit group name, language to use, country, email where to send completion alerts, and self-Registration email alerts,  
  • Delete Group- where to delete group completely off the system
  • Move Group – move group to a main group or subgroup
  • Export Group – exports users, T-scores, and  Group Administrator and User type Report
  • Customize email- where to add custom email address for Invitation emails, invites for existing users, self-registration, and completion emails. 
  • View Transactions – generates transaction history of the group listing all discovery processes and transactions pertaining to a credit group

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