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Updates to the Work Talents Report (May 15, 2019 Release)

Last Updated: May 15, 2019 12:59PM EDT
On May 15, 2019 we released an update to the Work Talents Report. Below are specific details of what has been modified with the report in this release.

Following our initial release of the BDNA Work Talents report, we received feedback that the report would be could be improved if no “low scores” appeared on this report (e.g. scores appearing below 50). Having no scores below 50 allows participants to focus on their strengths in their review of the results. We took this feedback into action by building a dynamic report that is strength based and does not show any scores below 50, this report enhancement was released on May 15, 2019. Below are specific details relating to this change.

How does this change may affect you:
If you had participants complete the Natural Behavior Discovery and receive a Work Talents report prior to May 15, 2019, if they log back into the system after May 15, 2019, their report design and scores will be modified.

How this change affects the report:
Following the May 15th release, all reports will not have scores appearing below 50. If a participant has a score below 50 on any one of the 5 scores appearing on this report, the score is reversed using a “100-score” formula and display the score in gold. Accordingly, the client’s score will be closely associated with the trait listed beside this score also in gold.
For example, in the below excerpt from the report, the scores highlighted below in gold “Abstract vs Concrete” and “Systematic vs Flexible” have been reversed. The original scores seen on the report for this participant would have been 5 and 14 accordingly.

How does this scoring change affect the API?

The API is not affected by this change. The API will provide client results in a 0-100 format as originally designed. If you have a specific business need to manipulate the scores so that the data provided via the API matches the data on the report then you will need to apply a formula of (100-score) for all future scores received that are below 50.

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