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Last Updated: Apr 03, 2019 12:44PM EDT

The DNA Platform has a feature to speed up the process of scheduling clients using a Mass Create New Client feature.

This process is intended to be used for the scheduling of 5-200 individuals for Communication DNA and/or Natural Behavior discovery processes. Depending on the number of clients included in this upload, the processing time may take several minutes to complete. When this process is completed, you will receive a Completion Email Alert and the clients will receive an invitation email based on the “Customize Email” settings for the particular group selected below.

Every time you use this, it's important that you start by downloading the sample file at the bottom of this page. Our team routinely updates this feature, and periodically, the import template changes, downloading the latest file as a starting point to this process will help alleviate future errors down the road. 

Before starting, please note these important points:
1. This Mass Client Import process is only intended to be used for new client records. New Processes cannot be added to existing client records using this feature.
2. To use this feature, an email address is required in the Completion Email Alert field for the particular group you are scheduling clients in. 

To Import clients using this feature, follow the steps provided in the "Instructions" tab of the sample excel file located at the bottom of this page

Our system will alert you if there are any importing issues or errors. To help you resolve these issues, please see the below error and action step list below: 


Error Message: Steps to alleviate:
Please provide proper report Ids as per group access setting of Group: (Your Group) You are not attempting to schedule the clients for reports that are available in your group.
Review the Report ID’s selected in Column E and F of the Excel sheet tab called “Clients”.
User or Username already exists. One or more of the users you are trying to import already exists in the system. Click here for steps to alleviate this message.
Object reference not set to an instance of an object There was an unknown error that has occurred. This is likely due to the report that is selected for the clients is not available for the group you have selected.
Review the Report ID’s selected in Column E and F of the Excel sheet tab called “Clients”.
Completion Alerts are not set for the group you have selected. Completion Alerts are required for the group you select in the group list to send a confirmation email once the import is successful. Add a completion alert email to your group using these steps here.


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