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Adding a new Group Administrator Log in for you company:

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017 01:48PM EST
Group administrator privileges can be granted to others in your organization, allowing them to see all of the clients, staff, and participants you have in your DNA Behavior account.  The new group administrator that will be created by our support team in this process will have the same access and viewing privileges as the original group administrator created for your firm. If you have any specific or complex set up requirements, request for our team to contact you directly to discuss these, prior to submitting your request.
Click here to send an email to request our support team to add an additional Group Administrator to your account.
Before making this request:
  1. You will need an existing Group in the admin system with at least 1 Group administrator.
  2. Each individual needs a username account in the DNA Admin System. If they have not completed a discovery process before, you will need to add them by either setting them up yourself by using the ("Create New Client") feature or sending them a self-registration link.
  3. Understand that this request will change your account for billing purposes:
    1. If you use a Business DNA unlimited subscription package, the package is structured on the number of users. Each standard group administrator user added will increase your license by $250 / year. This amount will be pro-rated for this year and will be added to your renewal package for future billing.
    2. If you use a Financial DNA unlimited subscription package, the package is structured on the number of standard users and also the number of Advisor users. Group Admins created in this process are $250 / year but will not have "Advisor" access in the system, they are standard users. 
    3. For A la Carte users, each additional group administrator is $250 for a one-time system set up.  Make the payment by clicking here via credit card prior to making this request.
Include the following with your request:
1. Name of your Group or Company
2. Name of individual to be made a Group Administrator
3. Email address of individual to be made a Group Administrator

Once this request is processed, each group administrator will receive a welcome email inviting them to the system and including instructions to get started. 

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