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Embedding a discovery process into your website using javascript

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2018 02:29PM EST
Please Note: Access to this feature is not included in our standard subscription packages.  To enable this option please email us at

Create engaging experiences within your site or application by embedding a DNA Discovery. Add Communication DNA or Natural Behavior to your site and provide a magnetic tool for your users while capturing leads.
Before beginning please ensure that you meet the two requirements below to use this process. If both requirements are not met, use the self-registration method found here and link to your self-registration link using a button on your website.

Requirements to use this process:
  1. Website developer on your staff that is familiar with javascript to install and troubleshoot this process.
  2. Communication DNA or Financial DNA Natural Behavior "Freemium" account, or custom admin setup allowing you to use this feature.
    Note: this feature is not recommended for regular subscription users as clients are not able to set their own password in this process and therefore they can not re-log into their accounts. 

First, a request needs to be made to for this service. After you this process has been set up, you will receive a Welcome Email with an API Install Code. Provide the API Install Code to your web editor. 

Example install code: 
<div><script src="" type="text/javascript" data-start-caption="Get Started" data-user-name="" data-first-name="" data-last-name="" data-group="0000"></script></div>

Web Editor Instructions:
  1. Work with your team to identify which web page the button should be available on.
  2. Open the HTML editor of the web page identified you with to add the button to.
  3. Pastes the API install code from the Welcome Letter into the <Body> HTML Section of the web page. Next, save your changes.
  4. Finally, visit the newly edited page and press Ctrl + F5 to refresh cache of page. A button automatically generated by the API Install Code will appear in your page.

Troubleshooting tips:
If the button does not appear at all:
  1. Ensure that the API Install Code has been pasted correctly into the <Body> HTML section of your web page.
  2. If all features of your website are loading correct except for the button, this is usually due to a coding conflict on your website. Usually this is caused by JavaScript errors. JavaScript is used to make different behaviors happen on your site. Follow this guide to troubleshoot JavaScript errors on your webpage: Click Here

Want data as well? 
Click here to see sample REST API data. 

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