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Customizing invitation and completion Emails

Last Updated: May 30, 2017 12:46PM EDT

All of the emails that are sent to discovery process participants can be customized inside the DNA Platform.

Below is a list of the emails available for customization:
  • Invitation Email
  • Invite for Existing Users
  • Self Registration Email
  • Completion Email
  • Leadership 360 Emails
Note: Each group has their own customized email settings, and each group only allows one of each of the above emails to be customized. Therefore, before customizing the emails be mindful of what specific process and intent you are customizing the email for. If your firm uses multiple discovery processes (such at Natural Behavior and Communication DNA) we do not recommend making your invite or completion emails brand specific this can lead to mistakes by your staff and confusion from your participants.

Getting Started:
  1. Start by visiting the group detail page for the group you wish to customize emails for. 
  2. Click “Customize Email” from Quick Link which can be found at the lower left section of the page.  
  3. Click the “Customized” radio button on the Email Options.
  4. Click on the link "View Sample Email Content" to retrieve the recommended starting text to edit. Copy and page this text into the editor box called "Content". Note: do not edit any of the fields in brackets. Our system will programmatically update these fields at the time of sending out the email. 
  5. Click “Save.”
Fields available for email content injection:
Field Name: Description:
[FIRSTNAME] First name of the participant the email is being sent to
[GROUP_ADMINISTRATOR] First and Last name of the Group Administrator that has scheduled and sent this invitation. 
[EMAIL_ADDRESS] Username (in the form of an email address) that the participant will use to log into the DNA Behavior Platform.
[PASSWORD] Temporary system assigned password that the participant will use to log into the DNA Behavior Platform.

What settings exist when new groups are created?
When new groups are credits, by default, when a subgroup is created, the subgroup will automatically inherent the parent's group email settings. 

Do you have multiple groups that have customized emails that you wish to update?
The DNA Behavior Platform has a feature to copy email settings from one group to another that will save you time. Follow the below steps to copy settings that you have customized from one group to another.
  1. Select the top level credit group and then follow steps 1 - 5 above to edit email(s).  Once completed, click "Save.
  2. Next, visit the next group page you wish to edit by following steps 1 and 2.
  3. Click “Customize Email” for the desired subgroup from Quick Link which can be found at the lower left section of the page.  
  4. Click "Copy Settings from another Group"
  5. Select the group to copy the email settings from, then "Save" (choose the group you customized in step 1 above. Note: All email templates and language settings will be copied from the selected group.
  6. The email setting from the group you selected should now be visible.

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