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Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018 01:18PM EST
There are several different ways that individuals can complete discovery processes.
  1. The manual approach is to send the client an invitation email through the DNA Platform (using the Create New Client Feature)
  2. The easier, more popular and recommended approach is via a self-registration link. Instructions to create this link is included in this article. 

A self-registration link is a link that you generate in your account that aligns to a specific group and specific discovery process settings. When the link is shared and accessed, individuals can automatically complete discoveries and be saved in your group. 

Creating a self-registration link: 
  1. First, Log in
  2. Next, Click on the Groups tab and select the group you want your clients to be saved in by clicking on the appropriate group name.
  3. Select the Quick Link “Self Reg. Set-up” which can be found at the lower left section of the page.  
  4. Select DNA System from drop down menu. 
  5. Select the particular report that you wish for your client to receive when they complete their discovery by clicking the arrows going right.
  6. Click the checkbox of the Email communication setting you want then click “Save.”
  7. Your self-registration link will now be available at the top of the page or on your Group detail page. 

Example of Self-Registration Landing Page

How does billing work using the self-registration links?
  • If you have an unlimited subscription, there is no fee or billing based on usage. 
  • If you have an A la Carte (pay-as-you-go) account with credits, each time that a client registers for the process, your account will be billed for the credit amount of the reports you chose for you client to be given.
    • Note: If your group credit balance is depleted down to 0 credits, participants will still be able to register and complete the discovery process but no reports will be available to the participant or the administrator. Reports can be purchased and added to the accounts after the fact using this method
Wanting to add this to your website? Click Here

Ready to take this to the next level? Try adding your self registration link to your Email Signature! Click here.

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